Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment

Marin Movement Center offers a comprehensive program for the prevention of  osteoporosis as well as improving bone strength. This physical therapy based program includes key principles of movement from the Feldenkrais Method and Bones For Life as well as strength and balance training. Physical therapists Marion Kregeloh and Magda Boulay work with each client creating individualized exercise programs. Our program includes:

Spinal alignment
Posture stabilization—”Power posture”
Strength training
Weight-bearing activities
Fall prevention and balance training
Education: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Resources
Bones Fit workshops
Monthly support group

Please contact us for information about fee schedule, insurances or to schedule an appointment.

“You can be in charge of your bone health!
Learn the right way to exercise and walk tall again!”



Small Group Sessions For Osteoporosis

The small group sessions of maximum three people is an opportunity to learn in a very private and almost one-on-one environment. Participants can join with their friends or anyone who is interested to join a group. We meet for three two-hour-long sessions (three consecutive weeks) plus one hour review session. Dates and times can be coordinated according to the group's need. The meetings can either be held inside the Mt Tam Racquet Club or at Marion's practice in San Rafael. Groups can form at any time.This set-up provides greater flexibility for scheduling as well as more individual attention compared to a larger workshop.

Bones Fit Mini Group: this program is an Osteoporosis prevention and bone health workshop. Participants  learn the key principles of bone strength including power posture, resistance and weight-bearing exercise as well as stretching. The focus is on active exercise with custom-tailored instructions depending on each participant's needs. The class format provides ample individual instruction.
Written manual and resistance band included.

To schedule a session or for more information contact Marion at 415-479-1765.


Also check out our Bones Fit osteoporosis workshops under our classes menu.