Benefits of Feldenkrais

* Assists recovery
– Feldenkrais aids recovery from injuries, both orthopedic and neurological, esp. where lack of movement impairs function.
* Relieves overuse symptoms, e.g. repetitive strain injuries from worksite, sports, gardening, creative arts, etc.
* Whole person oriented – heightens awareness of patient’s “pattern “, creates increased agility, better mobility, improved balance and coordination.
* Speeds recovery and teaches new movement patterns to reduce re-injury.
* Breaks patient’s habits that cause stress and overuse.
* Improves athletic performance, e.g. tennis, swimming, golf.
* Patients move more efficiently and with greater ease.
* Reduces chronic pain – neck, back and shoulder pain, and hip, leg,, ankle, and foot.
* Improves breathing – Eases breathing and increases breath volume.

Marin Movement Center offers two approaches to Feldenkrais:

1. Functional Integration (FI)

This is an intensive individual one hour Feldenkrais session where patients are expertly guided by gentle touch and movement, as well as words. Patients are comfortably clothed and may either lie or sit on a treatment table. FI lessons are designed for patients who need an individual movement assessment and specific hands-on approach. Patients leave feeling energized, peaceful, and more connected to their bodies.

2. Awareness Through Movement (ATM)

This is a group one-hour Feldenkrais lesson where patients participate in a series of guided movements. Each series has a theme in which patients unfold through gentle, progressive movements, creating awareness of their movement habits and how they affect and limit them. Through this greater sense of awareness, patients can expand their potential for a broader range of movements, thus gaining new ways of easing everyday tasks.

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