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How We Move Defines Us

Posted by Marion Kregeloh
Marion Kregeloh
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on Thursday, 27 June 2013 in Feldenkrais

Our everyday movements repeated continuously  create individual body patterns. Such repetitive movements may become the source of various imbalances from joint stiffness, muscle tension and weakness to pain and postural asymmetries.

Once our bodies move on “automatic pilot,” we don’t think nor are aware of how we move. It may seem very convenient, no extra time spent thinking while we fix the car, attend to patients in the hospital, play golf, walk our dogs, do laundry, etc. Convenient only until the first signals get our attention.

As long as we move automated and repeat the same action day in and day out throughout the years, the more likely our bodies will encounter some wear and tear symptoms.

How can we prevent such overuse symptoms that ultimately speed up the aging process?

The answer truly lies in the HOW. How does your habit create the pain, soreness and tension?

We must become aware of how we move in order to reprogram the brain and introduce change.

In order to improve individual performance and prevent injury, we must establish self-awareness and new patterns of moving and thinking. This process allows us to move with greater precision, efficiency, stay vital as we age and keep our bodies and minds fit.

Feldenkrais lessons, either taught in a group setting or one-on-one with a certified practitioner, teaches how to develop healthy movement habits and un-do the “bad” ones.

Sound good? Then don’t hesitate any longer and find out more how you can find a practitioner in your area. So that you can return to the tennis court refreshed and ready to hit the ball, baby-sit your grandchildren with greater flexibility and think and feel better. It works!


For more information about Feldenkrais you can visit or visit my website at  Marion Kregeloh, PT, CFP.

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