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Computers are a pain in the neck......!

Posted by Marion Kregeloh
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on Monday, 27 February 2012 in Neck

In a recent article from the Times of India, studies have shown that 50% of employees studied working in the IT sector, have back and neck pain and at least 20% complained of stress and headaches. Dr. Shah, director of Mission Health, says that it is "alarming that some employees exhibit severe spine problems at a young age which affects their quality of life".


Another study from Denmark uses resistance bands with office workers. Only one exercise was performed for 10 weeks and divided into three groups: a non-exercising group, a 2-minute exercise group and a 12-minute exercise group. The exercise performed is abduction to 90 degrees in the scapular plane.The 2 minute group performed one set of the same exercise while the 12 minute group performed 8-12 repetitions, 5-6 sets. Both exercise groups progressed to a stronger resistance band at the end of the 10 weeks (color blue).


The results showed a significant reduction of neck and shoulder pain and increased strength compared to the non-exercise control group. There was no significant difference between the two exercise groups.The researchers concluded that as little as 2 minutes of a one set exercise with resistance band can significantly reduce  neck and back pain and tenderness in office workers.


I very much encourage all my clients to add regular exercise into the day to counterbalance the  unnatural environments so many of us are exposed to during our work. Resistance bands are a very easy and convenient exercise tool that fits into any bag and can be taken to work. There are many exercises that target key postural muscles and prevent back and neck pain, especially when working at the computer.


Please check out my website for a set of easy resistance band exercises that are designed to strengthen your shoulder and back and protect you from overuse injuires.


While computers can be a pain in the neck for many reasons, we can conquer the physical pain and keep our bodies in charge.......hopefully your boss will support you when taking your mini exercise breaks.


Please contact Marion Kregeloh, PT, CFP 415-479-1765 or visit




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