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Bone Deep Strength

Posted by Marion Kregeloh
Marion Kregeloh
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on Wednesday, 30 October 2013 in Aging

Are you aligned well when moving through the day? Do you even know what good alignment is? Do you believe that strong muscles are all what is needed to protect your body from injury? Would you be able to carry a 50 pound heavy basket filled with water or rocks on your head and not injure yourself? Do you see kids, teens, adults who slouch and shrink when using their iPhone, iPad or sitting at the computer? And maybe you too are part of that postural epidemic that our modern world is facing each day?

Please watch the following video:

It is hopefully making you more aware, again, of the importance to not get sucked into this deteriorating downward spiral of our body's surrender to modern day and age and it's technology. Please remember that we can all re-learn how to move like a child again and reverse some of those aging effects modern life has imposed on us.

To your healthy and smart body!

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