Marion Kregeloh, PT, CFPMarion Kregeloh, PT, CFP

Founder of Marin Movement Center, Marion is a Physical Therapist and certified Feldenkrais Practitioner  with 20 years experience in orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation and injury prevention. Her whole body physical therapy methods and educational programs help patients become independent in their health and fitness program and give patients “tools for life” that help prevent future injuries.

Marion has a passion for movement and learning.  She continues to be engaged in learning new skills such as a variety of manual therapy techniques (integrated structural therapy).

Marion has an comprehensive style and integrates physical therapy with Feldenkrais and Cranial sacral therapy. Her aquatic therapy program is another source of excellent physical therapy.

She enjoys a diversity of clients and works with people of any age—from 12 year old students to athletes, professionals and seniors.